Fashion: Rice will not make you fat if you use this trick

(From Times of India)

Not only in India, white rice is a popular grain across the globe, for the simple reason that it can easily be paired with a lot of different foods – be it the humble curry, a piece of grilled fish or even roasted beans. And the fact that it is an inexpensive grain makes it even more acceptable across strata. But this humble grain comes with a flaw – its starchy overtones. Once consumed, the starch in the white rice turns into sugar and eventually contributes to body fat. That’s the reason most weight watchers stay away from it. But what if you were told that there is a cooking technique that can reduce its calorific value by up to 50 per cent?

Researchers in Sri Lanka have found out a new way to cook rice, which will not only make it calorie light but also offer added benefits. There are few simple steps with which you can manipulate the evil in white rice. Read more

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