Travel: Have we finally found Buddha’s skull?

(From ANI)


A team of archaeologists may have attained enlightenment inside a 1,000-year-old Chinese chest.

Researchers believe that a chunk of skull, mixed with a collection of remains of Buddhist saints, which were uncovered within the gold chest, belonged to Siddhartha Gautama.

Archaeologists made the find during excavations at a Buddhist temple in Nanjing China in 2010. When they opened a stone chest in a crypt underneath the temple, they found an ornate shrine called a stupa, used for meditation.

Live Science described the shrine that contains the bone inside as a 117 cm tall and 45 cm wide box made from sandalwood, gold and is covered with gemstones made of crystal, glass, agate and lapis lazuli. This was stored within an iron box, which, in turn, was stored within a stone chest.

The bones were found within a tiny gold chest less than 8 cm tall, which itself was stored in a larger silver casket 20 cm tall. This casket was locked within the stupa, before the entire nest of boxes was stored safely within the stone chest. Read more

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