Taiwan Navy tightens rules for missile launches after accident

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In the wake of a fatal missile misfire, the Navy Command Headquarters on Sunday tightened the authorization policy for warhead firing on military vessels, The China Post reports.

The Taiwanese fishing vessel hit by the misfired missile on Friday

The Taiwanese fishing vessel hit by the misfired missile

The new policy places missile firing under the supervision of the ship’s captain or another commanding officer.

The new order will apply to various military vessel types, including patrol vessels such as the Ching-chiang class involved in the recent accident, and also to Keelung, Cheng-kung, Kang-ding and Chi-yang class destroyers and frigates. Standard operating procedures for warheads in other military branches are currently under scrutiny and evaluation as well.

On Friday, a military vessel located at Zuoying Military Harbor in Kaohsiung accidentally fired a missile, which hit a fishing vessel two minutes later, approximately 40 nautical miles away.

Accident unforgivable: Tsai

President Tsai Ing-wen called the accidental firing of the anti-ship missile on Friday “unforgivable,” Taipei Times reports.

“The missile mishap on board the Chinchiang-class corvette was absolutely unforgivable,” Tsai said on Facebook. “The armed forces and I are one: When they do well, I would share their glory, and when they make a mistake, I would definitely face it with them.”

Tsai said “bold reforms” are needed to earn back the public’s trust in the military.


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