Stealth and armed to the teeth: US navy’s big plan for submarine dominance

(From The National Interest)

The United States Navy is moving swiftly to make sure that its submarines are not eclipsed by new threats such as Russia’s new Project 885 Yasen-class attack boats.

virginia class submarine

While the U.S. Navy has talked about its efforts to maintain its technological superiority over potential foes, the service’s two top undersea warfare officers detailed their Acoustic Superiority Program at an event hosted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies on July 8.

“This is our response to the continued improvement in our peer competitors’ submarine quality,” Rear Adm. Michael Jabaley, the Navy’s program executive officer for submarines, said.

“The Russians with the production of the Severodvinsk SSGN took a significant step forward in their acoustic ability. We want to maintain pace ahead of that. We never want to reach acoustic parity, we always want to be better than anything any other country is putting out there in the submarine domain.” Read More

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