Niece of Tibetan priest Tenzin Delek flees China, says he died of torture

(From AP)

The niece of a prominent Tibetan religious leader has fled China and arrived in exile in northern India to reveal what her family says is the truth about the man’s death in a Chinese prison.

Dolkar Lhamo (left) and Nyima Lhamo

Nyima Lhamo (R) with her mother Dolkar Lhamo

Nyima Lhamo told The Associated Press  that her family believes Tenzin Delek Rinpoche died as a result of torture and not from a heart attack as Chinese officials said.

Nyima, 26, said her uncle told her mother during prison visits that he was repeatedly beaten and starved and asked to demonstrate his religious powers by police officials.

The family was informed of the high priest’s death in July last year and allowed to see the body only after Nyima tied a ceremonial Tibetan scarf to the bars of the prison gate and tried to hang herself. Read More

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