IS videos declare war on Malaysia and Indonesia

(From The Star/Asia News Network)

A gun-toting adult is surrounded by children, and a teen standing away from the group is seen cradling an AK-47 assault rifle.

IS video declares war on Malaysia and Indonesia

Islamic State is planning to lead a charge against Malaysia in a recent propaganda video

The man is wagging his right index finger back and forth, and talks in a mix of Bahasa Malaysia and what sounded like Arabic.

He expresses gratitude to Allah for “easing our journey and jihad” and for appointing them as “soldiers of Tawhid (The Oneness of God)”.

He called out to the authorities of the nusantara (archipelago) – especially in Malaysia and Indonesia.

“Know this … we are no longer your citizens, and have liberated ourselves from you,” he said as the camera panned to show a goateed man nearby holding another Malaysian passport. Read More



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