Food: Some like it hot

(From Deccan Chronicle)


Warm cocktails are just the need of the season, to relax and revive the senses, even as they keep illnesses at bay. As the monsoons get well settled into their third week, it’s just the kind of setting to make yourself a nice drink and soak in the slight nip in the air. This is the time to ditch those coolers that ruled the summers and opt for some warm options, that are rich on the palate and smooth on the senses.

Warm alcoholic drinks are more ancient than the term “cocktail” itself. While cocktails came into existence during the early 19th century, warm alcoholic beverages date back to ancient times when the colonial taverns would be simmering with concoctions of beer, wine and other spirits.

Grog is one of the oldest warm blends, constituting rum and piping hot water, which was even used as an antidote to fever, when mixed with certain herbs. Spirits like rum, brandy, whiskey and even cognac get a stronger taste and heightened flavour when heated, but you must make sure not to boil them, as that would kill those wonderful aromas and flavors. Read more


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