Fashion: Malaysia’s Nelydia, Uqasha Senrose model for local fashion designer


Every fashion designer surely has his or her own preferred aesthetic. For Syaiful Baharim, it is defined by a woman who exudes confidence in the way she carries herself. His Raya 2016 collection adheres to the idea.

“Opinionated yet graceful, modest yet chic, she balances work, life and family – she strives to have it all,” he explains, regarding being inspired by his take of the “quintessential modern Malay woman”.

Syaiful’s choice of campaign faces for the collection happens to be actresses Nelydia and Uqasha Senrose. The sisters were chosen because he regards them as stylish, as well as go-getters in their careers.

The two have actively appeared in Malaysian television dramas and films. They also boast a large influence when it comes to social media, with more than 3.8 million total followers on their instagram accounts.

“Nelydia and Uqasha share a unique and very personal relationship with their online following, and so they are the perfect choice for this year’s campaign as fresh faces that define the modern Malay woman,” says Syaiful. Read more



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