US Marine training text said to disparage Okinawans

(From Asahi Shimbun)

OKINAWA–Okinawans are “more emotional than logical,” have “double standards” and fail to “take responsibility and initiative, with much pass-the-buck phenomenon,” according to U.S. Marine Corps training material.

Flag_of_the_United_States_Marine_Corps.svgThe guidance information also warns new arrivals to Okinawa with regard to drinking and other entertainment activities, saying they might be pampered by certain locals due to their “gaijin power, or ‘Charisma Man’ effect.” (“Charisma Man” is a comic strip in an ironic superhero style that ridicules the self-confidence of some foreign men in Japan.)

The slides and texts have been slammed as “disparaging” by the Okinawa media and the prefectural government plans to investigate the documents in detail at the earliest opportunity.

They were obtained under the U.S. Freedom of Information Act by Jon Mitchell, a British journalist who is well versed on the Okinawa military base issue.

“Because the lectures give them incorrect information about Okinawa, the impact on how they treat Okinawan people and how they see themselves on Okinawa must be very large,” Mitchell said. Read more

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