Travel: Explore Macau beyond Casinos

(From ANI)

Macau a tiny 30 square kilometer peninsula and is just an hour’s ferry ride from Hong Kong. Once a Portuguese colony until 1999 before being handed over to China. It is a territory similar to Hong Kong in terms of administrative autonomy, and the good news is that you don’t need a visa to visit this tourist-friendly haven.

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When Macau springs to mind, a vision of grand glittering casinos surfaces. But my recent trip made me look beyond casinos. With its architecturally designed streets, traditionally structured homes, religious institutions and Portuguese and Chinese buildings, the Historic Centre of Macau is a perfect crossroad of East and West cultures meeting.

The highlight is the European influence one experiences while shopping around Senado Square with its beautiful Portuguese cobblestones surrounded by neo-classic buildings, fountains, trees and benches. Read more

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