Technology: Yamaha to design concept models to redefine dynamism

(From ANI)

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. announced the development of new generation design concept models 05GEN and 06GEN based on the design philosophy of refined dynamism. Intentionally taking a completely different approach to the conventional core function of mobility vehicles to date (the need for effective travel incorporating speed and distance), both these models have been designed to move in leisurely fashion over short distances.


These models assist in forming connections between people and places, either at home or away. The development is an endeavor of the ‘island development’ program of architect Toyo Ito in Omishima (Imabari City, Ehime Prefecture) joining Yamaha Motor.

05GEN model features a three-wheel mobility vehicle fitted with electric assist technology designed to give the impression of a garment lightly draped around the rider’s body. It supports compact body and a roof design that provides a feeling of openness. Read more

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