Russian S-400 missile tech helps Seoul blunt NK threat

(From UPI)

By Rakesh Krishnan Simha

Advanced missile technology that went into Russia’s deadly S-400 Triumf missile defense system is powering the South Korean ballistic and air defense missile programs.

Russian S-400 missile on mobile launcher

Russian S-400 missile on mobile launcher

Partly in response to North Korea‘s deployment of nuclear missiles and submarines, Seoul has beefed up its armaments industry with generous doses of Russian technology. Among the most critical projects are a submarine-launched ballistic missile and the M-SAM Cheolmae-2 medium- to long-range surface-to-air missile.

South Korea hopes to one-up the North, which is applying the technology of the Russian S-300 missile to its SLBMs. According to Lee Choon-geun, senior researcher at the Korean Institute of Science and Technology, South Korea “uses more stable technology” from the S-400, which is a generation ahead of the S-300. Read more



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