Now North Korea kicks off a 200-day ‘battle’ for new economic plan

(From AFP)

Fresh off a 70-day campaign to boost production, North Korea kicked off an even more ambitious 200-day “battle” on Wednesday, apparently aimed at jump-starting a new five-year economic plan.

Analysts say the 200-day campaign could foster public fatigue and frustration

Analysts say the 200-day campaign could cause fatigue among North Koreans

North Koreans are used to mandatory mass mobilization campaigns, with participation rigorously monitored and used as a measurement of loyalty to the regime, but observers say ordering two such lengthy campaigns back-to-back is relatively uncommon.

The start of the new movement was hailed by state media on Wednesday.

“All party officials, military officers and people …. have broken loose and stepped forward with 100-times the normal courage and vigor, fully-charged for the 200-day battle,” ruling party newspaper Rodong Sinmun said in a long, front-page editorial. Read More

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