Food: Roast beef named after Obama

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On May 27, Barack Obama became the first acting U.S. president to visit Hiroshima, the city best-known internationally as the site of the first nuclear bombing, an attack carried out by the American military shortly before the end of World War II. While the White House has carefully asserted that the visit did not constitute an official apology, many observers have said the gesture is a significant step in healing the scars of the war.

Obama bowl

The visit seems to have struck an amicable chord with at least one Hiroshima restaurateur. To commemorate Obama’s trip to the city, En-ya, a restaurant located near Hiroshima Station, is offering something called the Obama Bowl.

En-ya is a little hard to classify. Outside, there’s a lantern touting its yakiniku, or Korean barbecue, but inside you’ll find a standing bar area and a few stylishly simple tables that give off the vibe of a fashionable café. But what brought us through the door was the signboard out front advertising the Obama Bowl for 880 yen (US$8). A notation underneath Obama Bowl explained that the dish is a roast beef bowl, but there had to be something special about it to warrant the presidential moniker. Read more

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