Food: Japan’s traditional plum drink, tea gets wider recognition

(From ANI)

Well-known as dinosaur kingdom, Fukui Prefecture in Japan is also famous for its culinary delights.

It was ranked number one in the happiness ladder of Japan in 2014 because of its food culture.

Now, All Nippon Airlines (ANA) has announced to introduce the food of Fukui Prefecture as per its project for promoting the ‘charms of Japan’.

Yuji Ishii, GM, Kanazawa Sales Office, ANA, said, “Among the various services provided at ANA, through this service, we would like to send a message on the attractions of Fukui Prefecture. We would like to promote it both domestically and internationally and would like to have the foreign guests to dine here and physically visit Fukui Prefecture.”


As part of this project, ANA focused on the fact that Fukui is a home to plums and developed a drink using a new kind of fruit.

This project is the result of collaboration with a producer in the Wakasa area in Fukui Prefecture. Two ANA flight attendants participated in the development process. Read more

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