Food: Get tipsy on food stewed in alcohol at Bengaluru

(From The Hindu)

There are chairs hanging upside down, paint splattered on the ceiling and one may even encounter an upturned lamp and egg beaters, apart from vintage camera models that may give one a slightly tipsy feeling even before you have started looking at the multitude of cocktails on offer at Sotally Tober.

sotally tober

We start the meal with a portion of the tangy indi masala prawns, a combination of prawns doused in hot Indian spices alongside a shot of the spicy cocktail, which made for a rather interesting combination. The spice is countered by a portion of beef chilly served with a hint of honey and the sweet and sour chicken wings.

sotally tober

The food menu straddles pan-Asian and Indian options, and if you are keen on experimenting with alcohol in your food , you can try out the ‘SoTo’ dishes, alcohol-infused preparations where a bar staple is given an electric spike. The Soto pork, tossed with South Indian masalas is also a must try, as is the red chilli laced corn on the cob. Read more

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