Fashion: 6 exotic and luxurious skin care ingredients in Asia

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Have you imagined what it would take for your skin to look and feel like a million dollars?

Famous beauty Cleopatra allegedly bathed in donkey’s milk (!), honey and olive oil to keep her skin looking radiant and flawless. During the Ming Dynasty, pearl powder was highly prized for moisturizing skin and giving it a luminous aura. African women have used saffron, which is rich in antioxidants and acts as a natural sunscreen, in ancient times as their lip and cheek stain. It’s still in use in many makeup and skincare products today but the substance itself carries an extremely high price tag.

Uguisu or the Japanese Bush Warbler is a small bird found in Japan, China, Taiwan and other East Asian countries. It’s famous because of, well, its poop, which was used in ancient Japan by geishas and kabukiactors to remove their heavy stage makeup (which contained zinc and lead). They realized that the bird feces (Uguisu no fun) softened and healed their skin. Designer Victoria Beckham was reported to have used the treatment to make her skin smooth and shiny.

Asian skincare always looks to reintroduce ancient beauty secrets (think of the fermented ingredients that were originally used only by ancient Korean royalty) and certainly isn’t afraid to push the envelope by using unique ingredients such as snail slime, pig collagen and horse oil. Read more



bird's nest

Bird’s nest

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