Blind officer is district police chief in southern Afghanistan

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In a rare move, a blind police officer has been made the district police chief in the restive Uruzgan province in southern Afghanistan, local officials say.

Shah Mohammad Shah (center) with his colleagues

Shah Mohammad (center) with colleagues

The Ministry of Interior appointed Commander Shah Mahmood as police chief of Dehrawood district.

Mahmood, who joined the Afghan National Police (ANP) forces 14 years ago, had previously served as the security chief of Tarinkot city, the provincial capital of southern Uruzgan province.

Provincial governor’s spokesman Mohammad Nayab told the BBC Afghanistan service that the Ministry of Interior elevated Mahmood for his experience in the field of security.

According to Nayaab, the local residents of Dehrawood too made a strong recommendation for promoting Mahmood.

Mahmood is hell-bent on eliminating Taliban after he lost his vision in a bomb explosion by Taliban militants.

According to Nayab, Mahmood was betrayed by one of his colleagues while serving in the Meher Abaad area one and a half years ago.

The man led him to a location to show him an “enemy minefield.”

When they reached the location, the man told Mahmood it was payback time. He then detonated a bomb that blinded Mahmood and killed four of his men.

Later, Mahmood made two trips to India for medical treatment but doctors were unable to restore his vision.

After returning to Afghanistan, he even thought of leaving the police force. But the province’s military council persuaded him to continue his good work and promoted him.

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