Travel: Cruise tourism expected to boom in Taiwan

(From CNA)

Taiwan has great potential in cruise tourism thanks to growing travel interest in this part of the world, a senior executive from Princess Cruises said on Thursday in announcing that Keelung Port in northern Taiwan will serve as one of the home ports for the cruise liner next year.


Due to its close ties with China, Taiwan has the potential to become the world’s largest cruise tourism market by 2020.

Trey Hickey, senior vice president of international sales for Princess Cruises, said the market has been growing rapidly in Taiwan because of its ideal geographic location which makes it easy to travel to other Asian countries.

People from the West or the Middle East, who are familiar with cruise travel, have been getting easier access to Taiwan in recent years, which has made it a savvy choice for them to fly to and then take cruise trips in Asia, said Hickey.

“Geographically, Taiwan has a position and an ideal location in the cruise business,” Hickey said in a news conference in Taipei.

The fact that Taiwan has close ties with China, which could become the world’s largest cruise tourism market by 2020 and enjoys over 4 million customers, also puts Taiwan in an advantageous position, Hickey said. Read More

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