This is how the US Army will fight if American satellites are smashed

(From the National Interest/Scout Warrior)

The Army is evaluating a new vehicle-mounted radio technology that enables Strykers, tactical trucks, HMMWVs and Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles to share real-time, combat-relevant information across the force.

satelliteThe new radios, called the Mid-tier Networking Vehicular Radio, was recently assessed in various combat scenarios to include rugged, mountainous terrain, woodland areas and dense vegetation to assess its ability to relay IP packets of info through various high-bandwidth waveforms, service officials told Scout Warrior.

A concept behind this technology, referred to as software programmable radio, is to enable mission command tactical information sharing across the force in a combat environment in the event that satellite systems are disabled due to an enemy attack.

“The mid-tier network assessment utilized approximately 85 MNVR radios to provide voice, data and retrains communications and connectivity from one operational battalion to brigade. The assessments were conducted in various terrain including wooded areas,” Paul Mehney, Communication Director for Program Executive Office Command, Control and Communications.

The MNVR, made by the Harris Corp., uses NSA certified encryption for additional safety and protection. It integrates into vehicles on-the-move in combat to transmit voice, pictures and data, he explained.  Read more


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