Lifestyle: Shanghai Disney Resort houses the world’s largest lego store

(From GB Times)

Danish toy maker Lego unveiled its largest store at the Shanghai Disney Resort on Wednesday, seeking to cash in on the large number of tourists expected to pass through the resort.


More Lego stores will open in China

As the company’s first flagship store in Asia, the 1,000 square-metre shop occupies two floors and features models including a giant dragon, a host of Disney characters, Marvel superheroes and twelve Chinese zodiac signs, China News Service reported.

Jacob Kragh, general manager of Lego China, told International Finance News that China had been one of Lego’s best performing markets in 2015. He added that the Lego factory in Zhejiang Province had begun production, with further stores expected to open in other Chinese cities in addition to the existing 20-plus shops. Read More

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