Lifestyle: Indonesian movie ‘Prenjak’ wins award at Cannes

(From The Jakarta Post)

Indonesian short movie ‘Prenjak/ In The Year of Monkey’ has came out on top at the Cannes Film Festival, winning the Leica Cine Discovery Prize.

“To all our relatives, best friends, and families in Indonesia. We won!” wrote Wregas Bhanutedja, the man behind Prenjak, on his Facebook wall. “Thanks to you. This award is for you all.”


Prenjak/In The Year of Monkey’s crew and cast.

Wregas, a 23-year-old film director, was also involved in making behind-the-scenes videos of the country’s much-anticipated drama Ada Apa Dengan Cinta 2.

Prenjak was filmed in February this year in Yogyakarta by teaming up with his former high school friends, such as Henricus Pria as his line director, Rosa Winenggar and Yohanes Budyambara as cast members, as well as his movie-maker girlfriend Ersya Ruswandono as photography director.

It took only two days for them to shoot, and they decided to submit the project to the prestigious movie festival three days before registration was closed.

The 12-minute short tells the story of widow Diah, who is on a lunch break from her work. In desperate need of money, she offers Jarwo a single matchstick for the price of Rp 10,000 ( less than $1), explaining that he will have the opportunity to take a peek at Diah’s body by lightning up the match in a dark place. Read More

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