Lifestyle: He Jiang — first Chinese student to deliver Harvard commencement speech

(From China Daily)

A student from Central China’s Hunan province will become the first Chinese student to deliver a commencement speech at Harvard University on May 26, 2016.


He Jiang is a doctoral student in biology at Harvard University.

He Jiang, a doctoral student in biology at the university, was chosen by the prestigious university as the only representative of postgraduates at the commencement, China Youth Daily reported on Wednesday. Director Steven Spielberg will also give a speech at the commencement.

Accorded the highest honor by the university, He, who was born in a village in Hunan province, said: “People living in Chinese villages often believe that it’s useless to study and children from humble families cannot be successful in their careers. However, I cannot agree with those opinions,” he told the Daily. He added: “Education can change a person’s life as it can bring a person from one world to another world. I hope my experience can encourage the rural students to pursue their studies and realize their dream.”

“He’s speech will give the graduating class a different perspective,” said Judith Huang, a Harvard graduate, “I think it’s particularly brave for him, since most Chinese students are unlikely to do public speaking, and it’s also really tough to get selected to make a commencement speech.” Read More

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