Lifestyle: Captain America directors roped in to make ‘Captain China’ trilogy

(From The Diplomat)

The directors of the last two Captain America movies are developing a superhero trilogy for Chinese audiences, whose as-yet unnamed protagonist has already been nicknamed ‘Captain China.’

A fan art of Captain China.

A fan art of Captain China.

It may sound like a derivative farce, but such collaborations could be a signal of economic stability. China’s growth continues to contract as Beijing rebalances the economy to run on consumerism, which will require a stronger service sector, and the swiftest way to achieve that is by learning from industry leaders. In the film industry, that means Hollywood.

This isn’t merely for China’s sake, either. Training China up on tertiary sector industries is conducive to a more stable global economy, not to mention wildly lucrative. Unfortunately, it’s also potentially harmful.

A number of Western companies, notably Cisco Systems, profited greatly in the early 2000s by providing China with networking hardware and, in the process, knowingly co-created the Great Firewall, the world’s most advanced Internet censorship apparatus. But when it comes to thought control, even harder than censoring the truth is the challenge of crafting believable lies, and that comes down to storytelling ability. Read More

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