Food: Fresh coconut water is ideal post-workout snack, say experts

(From Coconuts Bangkok)

There’s no shortage of delicious street food on offer in Bangkok, but things get tricky if you’re trying to find something healthy to eat after a workout. Sure, coconut desserts are tempting, but do you really want to undo all that hard work you just did at the gym?

I asked Bangkok’s health and fitness experts about the best and worst ways to refuel after a workout. Fortunately, according to them, you don’t have to give up coconut completely.

“It is hard to find the ideal post-workout snack on Bangkok’s streets, but I almost always go for a fresh coconut water for the essential electrolytes and grilled chicken for the perfect lean animal protein,” said Emma Harris, yoga teacher and VP of Global Brand Strategy for popular fitness app GuavaPass.

“This combination hydrates me and helps my muscles recover after exercise.”

May Savita Sresthaporn, the personality behind wellness site MS’HappyDiet, agrees with Harris.

“Fresh coconut water is the best after-workout drink with natural sugar and electrolytes instead of the energy or sport drinks with lots of artificial sugar,” she said. Read More

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