Fashion: China in awe of ‘The Simpsons’ and their style

(From Global Times)

With its bevy of hip bars and restaurants, Sanlitun is a neighborhood that usually sees its busiest hours at night. Not so on May 5, which, from the early morning, saw huge crowds flocking to the basement of Taikoo Li South, the area’s commercial heart. Their destination? Beijing’s brand new Simpsons Store, a nerd’s paradise filled with all manner of souvenirs and knick-knacks dedicated to the long-running animated show.

Two women take pictures in front of the sculpture near The Simpsons Store.

Two women take pictures in front of the sculpture near The Simpsons Store.

As evidenced by the fans who flooded in on its opening day, it bears a unique distinction – it’s not only the first such shop in China, but the first in the world.

After several selfies with the Simpsons sculptures placed outside the store, 29-year-old Xu Jingran rushed inside to try on some of the Simpsons-themed clothes.

There were so many people waiting that she had to share the fitting room with another girl every time she went in.

According to Zheng Bo, the chairman of China Brands Group, which partnered with 20th Century Fox to open the store in Beijing, in the 20 days of soft opening that preceded its official launch on May 5, the store racked up sales of more than 800,000 yuan ($122,960).

“Every day we are busy all day long, and the customers queue before the store even opens,” said a member of the sales staff surnamed Zhang.

This isn’t the first time Fox has cooperated with another company to market Simpsons-themed products.

It previously partnered with world-famous brands like LEGO, Uniqlo, Minecraft, Joyrich, A Bathing Ape and Jeremy Scott. And Chinese fans have been among the most enthusiastic buyers. Read More

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