Envoy underlines Nepal’s unique ties with India

(From Times of India)

As India and Nepal teetered on the brink of a full-scale diplomatic war, Nepal’s ambassador to India Deep Upadhyay warned that some people in his country needed to acknowledge that it is with India, and not any other country, that Nepal has ‘roti-beti ka rishta‘ (inter-dining and inter-marriage).

Deep Kumar Upadhyay

Deep Kumar Upadhyay

Without naming any Nepalese politician, Upadhyay said there were people in his country who kept talking about China without realizing the significance of Nepal’s “unique relationship” with India.

Notwithstanding its own failings, the Indian government has been upset with Nepal PM K P Sharma Oli for the manner in which he has sought to manipulate Delhi’s insecurity over China’s presence in the region, playing both ends against the middle.

Nepal’s agreements with China under Oli, including the path-breaking trade transit treaty, will take time to materialize though and, according to Indian authorities, Oli is now betraying his frustration by accusing India of plotting against him.

“It’s with India, and not with any other country, that we have a roti-beti ka rishta,” said Upadhyay. Read More

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