Chinese province bans religion in schools after video of girl reciting Quran goes online

(From AP)

A heavily Muslim Chinese province has demanded strict adherence to a ban on religion in schools after a video circulated online in which a kindergartener recites verses from the Quran.

Hui Muslim students in a school in Gansu

Hui Muslim students in a school in Gansu

The government in the northwestern province of Gansu reiterated the officially atheistic communist government’s rules forbidding the presence of religion in public schools at all levels, saying it was protecting children.

“This video has drawn a gasp from the public, as many people are infuriated,” said a statement issued Thursday.

“The Education Department of Gansu province strongly condemns the act that harms the mental health of the youth, and demands education agencies of all levels to stop it resolutely and strictly bans religion from campuses,” the statement said.

In the video, the unidentified girl is seen wearing a black Muslim head covering and sitting in a classroom with dozens of other students — apparently all in Muslim attire. Read More

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