1st bank robbery reported in North Korea

(From Korea Times)

By Ko Dong-hwan

North Korea has now suffered its first bank robbery.

Staff works at North Korean bank

Staff works at North Korean bank

The unknown robbers infiltrated the Shinam branch of the Central Bank of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in the city of Cheongjin, North Hamgyong Province, on Apr 4, Radio Free Asia reported Thursday citing a source from the province.

The robbers broke into the bank’s main entrance and stole an unspecified amount of cash, the source said. The bank is currently out of service. The provincial police assumed there was an accomplice inside the bank.

After the incident at the branch, other branches of the bank beefed up security by bringing in more security personnel. Shinam branch took care of many customers compared with other branches because it mainly brokered trades. Read more

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