Why does the western media hate China’s Great Fire Wall so much?

(From Global Times)

The websites of Time and The Economist have been blocked in China. The New York Times, with several other Western media outlets, have voiced support to each other by accusing China of blocking Western websites.

firewallIt is reported that US trade officials for the first time added China’s system of Internet control, known as the Great Firewall, to an annual list of trade barriers, saying China’s online controls have “posed a significant burden to foreign suppliers.”

It requires a sophisticated capability to impose online limits to a tiny number of foreign websites or their harmful content while at the same time retaining connectivity between China’s Internet and the world so as to ensure the global flow of information. China has achieved this – it can communicate with the outside world, meanwhile, Western opinions cannot easily penetrate as ideological tools.

The Great Firewall is a system that filters and blocks harmful or unsafe information. It has caused some inconvenience when China and the outside world try to understand each other, but they have gradually adapted to this reality.

As the emergence and development of the Internet is accompanied by the economic and political evolution of Western society, the Internet has naturally inherited Western elements such as Western rules and order. The Great Firewall quelled Western intentions to penetrate China ideologically. Read more

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