Travel: North Korea is all make-believe, says blogger


A travel blogger who visited North Korea on one of the secretive country’s tightly controlled tours says everything outsiders see is a lie.

On their arrival, tourists have their passports taken away and are given a half-day briefing on dos and don’ts. “It was don’t more than do,” Anjaly Thomas told

“We were told not to take pictures of unfinished buildings, work half done, or local people. You have to bow down to every statue of North Korea’s ruling family the Kims and there’s no folding of a newspaper with a picture of them on it.

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Tourists have to bow down to every statue of North Korea’s ruling family.

“If you’re asked to walk in a straight line, you walk in a straight line.”

Ms Thomas said her group stayed at a hotel on an island in the middle of a river, where tourists could drink and gamble at a casino — something citizens are rarely able to do. At the hotel, she said, “you’re free, because you can’t escape.”

The Indian writer and blogger said guests would look out at Pyongyang at night and see total darkness, because no one else in the capital has electricity to light their homes after dark.

“It’s all make-believe,” she said. Read More

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