Travel: Haven’t saved much? You can still go on an Asia tour

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A new year on the horizon spells new beginnings. Most are penning their very much clichéd new year’s resolutions, be it on paper or just a mental note. Either way, all are hoping for a better 2016 than the year before, and arguably one of the best ways by which we can broaden our thoughts and way of life is by travelling.


Kathmandu, Nepal

It is said that the idea of planning for travels itself is enough to boost one’s happiness, and if there is one way to look forward to a new year, it is to mark it with the outlook of joy. Travelling need not be seen as something for which one has to fork out an exorbitant amount. All it takes is a little patience to research the best spots that the world has to offer.

Certainly, what is considered cheap to some may be deemed pricier to others, and these are just some of the places in Asia for which the money spent is worthwhile, considering the experience and culture that one is able to immerse themselves in. These are the 5 places that we can visit in 2016 that won’t break the bank. Read More

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