Travel: China promotes tourism, upgrades toilets

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There’s no turning back.

As the country asserts the role of tourism to be a vital economic vehicle, it continues to upgrade public toilets at tourist destinations, with President Xi Jinping supporting the project, according to Financial Times.

The China National Tourism Administration introduced a three-year “toilet revolution” campaign in 2015.

China toilets

Across China, 22,009 toilets were built last year.

CNTA said that more than 12.5 billion yuan may likely be spent by the government to fund all that, reported Caixin Online.

Across the country, 22,009 toilets were already built last year, according to a February post by the CNTA.

That sounds good news because it exceeded the original goal.

In Sept. 2015, CNTA said on its website that it would “build 13,000 new toilets and renovate another 9,000.” The campaign aims to build “a total of 33,000 restrooms and renovating 24,000 by 2017.” Read More

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