Travel: Animal activists target TripAdvisor after elephant’s death in Cambodia

(From Travel Pulse)

Sambo, a middle-aged elephant giving rides to tourists in the Cambodian heat at Angkor Wat, collapsed and died. The elephant’s owners at Angkor Elephant Company said that the elephant died of heart failure as well as stress and shock brought on by the oppressive heat.

Elephant big tusker

Despite activists protesting, elephant rides are still a tourist attraction.

The company is continuing to investigate the death of Sambo but it has opened up, once again, the question of why elephant rides are still a tourist attraction to begin with. Many view the practice as cruel to the animals while companies often say that by putting the animals to work in this way, they are saving them from crueler acts by poachers in the area.

World Animal Protection is now calling out the popular travel review website TripAdvisor in a new petition saying that the company not only lists reviews for harmful animal attractions on its website, but also actively promotes these activities. Read More


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