Travel: A tourist captures ‘eerie’ images of North Korea’s metro station

(From 9 News)

Standing perfectly still on an escalator as it plunged  into the depths of the Pyongyang Metro, Tasmanian traveller Elliott Davies tried to catch the staring eyes of North Korean commuters shocked at his presence.


The cavernous insides of the Pyongyang Metro.

The strange foreigner wearing a chequered shirt was part of the first group of tourists allowed inside the unseen metro stations of the notoriously secretive dictatorship.

Important looking men in army uniforms turned away from Elliott’s pointed camera to hide their faces, but there was plenty of surreal sights to fill his lens.

Opulent chandeliers hang from the tall ceilings and statues and murals of Kim Il-Sung take pride of place throughout the stations. His first experience in the Pyongyang Metro was “eerie, soviet, Orwellian feeling”. Read More

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