The nuclear summit is merely a small win for Obama, in the face of huge changes in foreign policy

(From China US Focus)

By initiating and organizing the nuclear security summit, history might decide that President Obama’s show of statesmanship was worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize hastily bestowed on him at the beginning of his presidency. The Norway based peace prize committee could hardly wait to show the warmongering axis of hubris, namely Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld, the exit door and anoint the incoming president as the peacemaker to be.

Whereas his predecessor’s reign depended on confrontation and intimidation, Obama at least seemed to recognize that uncontrolled proliferation of fissionable material was not in America’s interest. While the former administration thought shock and awe was enough to maintain world order, Obama at least saw that the problem was too big for any one country, even a superpower, to handle alone.

At the just concluded nuclear summit, the fourth in a series initiated by him, Obama welcomed more than 50 world leaders emphasizing collaboration and cooperation. He wanted a united world to work against terrorist groups, in his word, “to prevent the world’s most dangerous networks from obtaining the world’s most dangerous weapons.”

Obama honored China’s leader Xi Jinping with the only one-on-one side meeting at the summit. Xi returned the favor by reaffirming his support for Obama’s effort to reduce the threat of nuclear terrorism. To show bilateral solidarity, the two parties issued a 10-point joint statement. Among the items was the agreement to establish a training center in Beijing related to nuclear security with assistance from the U.S. that would serve as a regional training center for other countries. Both leaders also affirmed that the two countries would work together to prevent smuggling of nuclear materials and to continue the collaboration after the conclusion of the summit. Read more

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