Technology: Google flaunts its bipedal robot

(From Recode)

The last time a Google robot trounced through the snow in a video, the robot lost its job. This one might have better luck.

schaft robot

The Schaft robot is smaller, less menacing and less likely to evoke Skynet-type concerns.

At a New Economic Summit conference in Tokyo on Friday, the founder of Schaft—one of the robotics companies Google acquired three years ago and moved to its X lab in December—showed off its latest development. A short bipedal robot trotted out onstage, followed by a video showing it fielding through different obstacles courses, plodding up stairs and navigating the outdoors.

A rep for X (formerly Google X) claimed the presentation isn’t an announcement or indication of its product roadmap. “The team were simply delighted to have a chance to show their latest progress,” the spokesperson said. “As with all of the robotics teams that recently moved from Google to X, we’re looking at the great technology work they’ve done so far, defining some specific real-world problems in which robotics could help, and trying to frame moonshots to address them.” Read More

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