Technology: Chinese start-ups take on Silicon Valley

(From Sydney Morning Herald)

It’s first thing on a Saturday morning and the foyer at Beijing’s Tsinghua University is echoing with the busy chatter of more than 100 wannabe startup entrepreneurs.

The crowd of mostly 20-somethings had all given one-minute presentations the night before. Those with the strongest ideas – or, perhaps, the most magnetic personalities – are allowed to recruit team members from those who didn’t make the cut. Tomorrow, they will present their pitches to an audience of fellow entrepreneurs, mentors and venture capitalists at a Startup Salad roadshow.

China startup

Participants of an event organized by Startup Salad.

Like most things in China, the country’s startup and innovation scene is exploding because the government actively wants it to.

Chen Xu, 25, moved to Beijing five years ago to develop a job seeking platform for blue collar workers, believing there is a yawning gap in a market where existing websites mainly cater for white collar professionals.

Yang Lu, 26, is working on a healthcare and nutrition monitoring system targeted at simplifying the work of aged care homes straining to cater for the country’s rapidly greying population. Read More

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