S. China Sea arsenal: Here are PLA missiles, guns deployed in Paracels

(From Popular Science/Eastern Arsenal)

By Jeffrey Lin and P.W. Singer

Long-range missiles and gatling cannons

The People’s Liberation Army Navy has made waves across the South China Sea by rotating heavy missile launchers to the Paracel Islands, also disputed by Taiwan and Vietnam. In addition to YJ-62 anti-ship missiles, recent television footage shows PLAN air defense units engaged in live fire exercise on the islands, a clear counterpoint to recent US naval voyages and flights inside those disputed waters. While China has deployed anti-aircraft guns to the Paracels in the past, the deployment, even if temporary, of an integrated, multi-layer air defense network and anti-ship missiles on those islands is a quantum leap in China’s ability to control the air and sea-space outside of China proper.

For any aircraft or missiles that manage to give the HQ-9 the slip, the shorter ranged HQ-6 SAM will be waiting to sweep up the survivors. Based on the PL-11 air-to-air missile, the HQ-6 has a range of up to 20 kilometers. Being based on an air-to-air missile, its maneuverability at low altitudes makes it a good choice to hit cruise missiles, which can fly low as 10 meters above the ground (too low for most long range SAMs like the HQ-9). Read more

An ton of ammo a minute:

A ton of ammo a minute:  The LD-2000 is a land-based version of the naval Type 730 CIWS. A 5,600 rounds per minute weapon, the LD-2000’s vast volume of fire is a last ditch defense against missile and bombs that make it past the outer layers of deadly SAMs like the HQ-6 and HQ-9.



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