Pastor of China’s largest Protestant church released

(From AP)

Chinese authorities have released the pastor of the country’s largest Protestant mega-church after he was detained for more than two months following protests against the government’s removal of crosses from churches, a church worker said Friday.

Pastor Joseph Gu Yuese

Pastor Joseph Gu Yuese

Despite gaining his freedom, Joseph Gu Yuese has been confined to his home since his March 31 release and barred from meeting or communicating with others without permission, according to a U.S.-based Christian group.

Gu was formally arrested on Feb. 6 on embezzlement charges that supporters said were invented to punish him for publicly opposing a campaign by officials in the eastern province of Zhejiang to forcibly remove hundreds of rooftop crosses from churches.

Gu was also banned from the pulpit of his enormous Chongyi Church and removed as head of the provincial state-sanctioned Protestant church association, despite his case not having gone to trial. Read More


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