North Korea deploys Musudan missile for launch around birthday event

(From Yonhap)

North Korea has deployed one or two Musudan mid-range ballistic missiles to near the eastern port city of Wonsan for a possible launch to mark its founding father’s birthday this week, government sources said Thursday.


“North Korea has been detected to have deployed a Musudan missile(s) in the vicinity of Wonsan’s Hodo Peninsula,” one source said.

“After deploying them some 20 days ago, the North has not withdrawn them,” the source said. “Given the fact, North Korea is likely to venture a launch on the occasion of Kim Il-sung’s birthday.”

Defense ministry spokesman Moon Sang-gyun also confirmed the possibility of an imminent ballistic missile launch by Pyongyang.

“On March 15, (North Korean leader) Kim Jong-un ordered a nuclear warhead detonation test and test-launches of ballistic rockets that could carry nuclear warheads,” Moon said in a press briefing, referring to its recent series of military rhetoric against the South. Read More

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