Lifestyle: Zootopia’s talking animals irk Chinese military, but kids want them as pets

Disney’s Zootopia seemed to have offended the Chinese military. Last week, PLA Daily, the official newspaper of China’s People’s Liberation Army, called the kids’ movie starring bunny rabbits and fennec foxes an ‘invisible propaganda,’ intended to distort China’s culture and promote American interests.

Zootopia has earned a two-week extension in Chinese cinemas, and is due to open in Japan on April 23, reported Flickering Myth.

Created by Walt Disney Animation Studios, "Zootopia" is a film that brings viewers into a modern mammalian metropolis of the same name where animals live like humans.

Walt Disney’s ‘Zootopia’ brings viewers into a modern mammalian metropolis where animals live like humans.

The animated blockbuster has become a hit among Chinese children who are pestering their parents to buy them fennec foxes as pets.  “The kids wouldn’t shut up about it. All they talk about is that film and the fox. I told my son many times that our two-bedroom apartment is too small for a pet, but he wouldn’t listen,” Li, a mother of a 7-year-old Zootopia fan, told SBS.

PLA Daily warned Chinese citizens that Hollywood has long been an effective propaganda machine for the US by using blockbuster films to promote US values and global strategy. “In a world of cruel reality, it is always a wolf that eats a sheep instead of the other way around. Such a fundamental concept that even a child could understand was turned around by Hollywood,” stated PLA Daily.


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