Lifestyle: South Korean actor Park Hae-jin features in Chinese postage stamp

(From Yonhap)

Actor Park Hae-jin will become the first South Korean to be featured on a Chinese postage stamp next month, Chinese media reported Monday.


The stamps honoring Park Have-jin will be issued in May

The stamps are part of the Dream China project jointly organized by China’s Ministry of Communications and China Post to recognize the 100 most influential figures in Chinese culture.

The ones honoring the ‘Cheese in the Trap’ heartthrob will be issued in May, with the first 100 copies to be sold as limited editions, the reports said.

Each set of the limited editions will cost 698 yuan ($107), with the price of the regular edition set at 0.80 yuan. Prepaid phone cards featuring the South Korean will also become available, and they will each cost 120 yuan. Although Park is not the first South Korean ever to grace Chinese stamps, he is the first South Korean subject of Chinese stamps that are released on an ongoing basis.

In 2008, the South Korean members of Super Junior-M, a multinational K-pop group, became the first South Koreans to appear on Chinese stamps that were issued for limited time only.

“Park captivated China with his continued activities, charity work and donations there,” a Chinese official said.

“Park stands out from the rest of South Korean celebrities in China, who only shoot TV commercials after one or two of their shows become successful there. Park has truly established himself as an actor who loves China.” Read More

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