Lifestyle: Japanese parents compare baby arms to bread loaf

(From AV Club)

Presumably, somewhere in Japan at this very moment, a mother is placing a loaf of pull-apart bread next to the arm of her sleeping child so that she can take a picture and post it to social media.

baby bread

Japanese parents boast online about the doughiness of their children’s limbs.

This is not a singular act of madness caused by sleep deprivation. Well, it might be, but it’s more likely that the child’s mother is merely jumping onto one of the internet’s weird bandwagons.

Uproxx would have the public believe that photos comparing baby arms to bread loaves are the latest meme to emerge from Japan.

BuzzFeed agrees. One mother posted such a comparison to Twitter circa April 14, the story goes, and other parents ran with the concept until “Bread Or Baby Arm?” was a full-blown social media phenomenon. Read More

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