Food: Conan O’Brien feasts on squid chips and king shells in Korea

(From Nerdist)

A while back, Conan O’Brien was contacted by a South Korean superfan named Sunny Lee. In response to her kind letter (which was written on an SAT prep form), he decided to go to the country in person, where he received a legit rockstar welcome.

The visit, dubbed Conan in Korea, has aired over this past weekend, and in one of the latest clips from the special we see the legendary late night host in one of his least suitable and yet most hilarious habitats: the Korean gaming café.

Although it’s hard to top the interview Conan did with The Walking Dead’s Steven Yeun (which technically took place in North Korea), it’s still incredible to see Conan doing his Clueless Gamer bit in a Korea gaming café. Mainly because of his take on the snacks… and his ability to offend everyone both on and offline.


Conan O’Brien

In the clip, Conan sits down at a PC Bang gaming café with a hardcore gamer and perfect English-speaker named Won-jae, and proceeds to play games like Starcraft and the Korean version of Counter-Strike.

Conan is, expectedly, not so great at any of the games, although that may be because he says that much of the gameplay looks a lot like working at a bank.

Conan also reviews the various munchies that Korean gamers have access to while they’re at the gaming cafés, like Squid Chips and King Shells. He boils down the selection to essentially “whatever [Koreans] find at low tide” and decide to turn into a snack. Read More

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