Fashion: Christian Dior screws up in South Korea, apologizes for defamatory ad campaign

(From Korea Times)

Luxury goods company Christian Dior apologized for a controversial photo it exhibited, after facing criticism that the photo seems to be disparaging Korean women as selling sex to buy a luxury bag.

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Christian Dior’s ad showed Korean woman as willing to sell sex to buy luxury bags.

The luxury fashion brand released an apology, Tuesday, regarding a piece by artist Lee Wan that was displayed at the “Lady Dior as Seen by” exhibition it hosted. The exhibition was held at House of Dior, a flagship store it opened in Cheongdam-dong, southern Seoul, to depict the Dior bags in diverse art pieces.

Among the art pieces was “Korean Female,” a photo showing a young woman wearing a black dress revealing both her shoulders and holding a Lady Dior bag in her left arm, standing in an alleyway filled with signs for room salons and hostess bars.

It drew criticism that the photo is demeaning to Korean woman as willing to sell sex to buy luxury bags. The artist had said in an earlier interview with Dior that all Christian Dior products are manufactured in a way that is totally different from the capitalist way focusing on effectiveness. “I thought about the value there and what the meaning of consuming Christian Dior was in Korea,” he said. Read More

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