‘Descendants’ hero Song Joong-ki wants to be true to himself’

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The hit drama Descendants of the Sun that has swept Asia, creating a new fandom for the past two months, hit its grand finale last week.

South Korean actor Song Joon-ki attends the press conference

South Korean actor Song Joon-ki attends a press conference

Song Joong-ki, featured as Yoo Si-jin, the captain of a South Korean special forces unit in the military romance drama, has been at the center of attention all along. He said that he is pretty much satisfied with his performance despite controversies over excessive nationalism and product placement in the drama.

“I’ve heard diverse opinions and criticisms. But, I would like to say that I am satisfied with playing the role,” said Song during an interview at the Grand Hyatt Seoul, Friday. “Many of the controversies are beyond my control and if I comment on them it would bring more misunderstandings to the drama. Since drama belongs to the viewers and I think whatever their thoughts are is right.”

As for the implication of nationalism, Song made it clear that he had not intended to feature the role in that sense.

“While I was playing the scene where Capt. Yoo salutes the national flag on an overseas mission, I was not acting in that mind. I thought that moment is the time that Yoo pledges to his family and loved ones that he is well and he will return home safe so don’t worry.”

Below is an excerpt from the interview with the 30-year-old actor.

Q: You came back from a promotional tour of Descendants in Hong Kong. Did you feel the popularity there?

A: I’ve read about the drama’s popularity overseas, but it was the first time that I witnessed for myself how many fans there were. After the promotion, I went out to the street for a magazine photo shoot, and there I really felt that so many people had seen the drama. It was so surprising and I felt much joy.

Q: The drama has been a huge hit, changing your life a lot. You’ve grown from a rookie to the most-sought-after celebrity. Do you struggle to keep the same determinations you had when you started out?

A: That’s a question that I ask myself a lot these days. I try to stay the same but I also think that change is inevitable. What I mean is, if you stay the same as in your rookie days, you can’t deal with all the new responsibilities you are faced with.

It means that I feel responsibility to all the staff members and my fans and that I will not let them down. All things aside, though, I try to stay true to myself.

People say I’m a hallyu celebrity now, but I don’t really feel that way. My recognition has risen for a moment following the drama.

I learn a lot from people like Song Hye-kyo, heroine of the Descendants, and Lee Kwang-soo, a cast member of variety show Running Man. They are the ones that are really hallyu stars. Read More

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