China sentences man to death for leaking state secrets

(From China Daily)

A man was sentenced to death for leaking top state secrets to foreign agencies, reported on Monday.

Huang Yu

Huang Yu

Huang Yu, 42, worked for an encryption research institute in Sichuan province from 1997 to 2004. In 2002, Huang was told he would be dismissed due to his poor performance in work.

One day, Huang contacted a foreign spy agency online to sell the confidential information he acquired at work, and he met him in a hotel in a Southeast Asian country in June.

During the meeting, Huang gave three electronic documents containing military secrets to the foreign spy for which he was paid $10,000 and was promised a monthly sum of $5,000 for more documents.

Since then, Huang traveled overseas regularly under the guise of attending meetings to meet the foreign spy. Read More

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