Bangladesh police seize bomb-making materials after blast kills 2 in village

(From AP)

Police seized grenades, pistols and bullets from a house in a northern Bangladeshi village on Monday, a day after an explosion killed two suspected militants.

Bomb making material seized from a house after a blast killed 2 people on Sunday

Bomb-making materials seized from a house in Bangladesh’s Sherpur village after a blast killed 2 people on Sunday

Authorities believe the house in the Sherpur area of Bogra district was occupied by members of a banned Islamist militant group, Jumatul Mujahedeen Bangladesh, and that the bomb blast Sunday was an accident, local police chief Mohammed Asaduzzaman said.

“We suspect that the home was being used as a den for making bombs,” he said.

Witnesses told police the explosion occurred inside the one-story building, but could not identify the two dead men, suggesting they were not local people. Read More

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