Travel: Virtual reality is creating a new breed of armchair tourists

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Virtual reality is transforming travel. Now, you can walk through a hotel room in Beijing or Hong Kong even before you book, or enjoy the sandy beaches of Thailand even without being there. All this can be done at the comfort of your home, using  your smartphone.

A travel enthusiast uses a VR glass

A travel enthusiast uses a VR glass to get a glimpse of his favorite hotspot.

Virtual reality will transform travel and hospitality industries in a big way. What started as nascent technology is poised to become a tool for promotions and advertising. For consumers, it’s a new way to plan and schedule.

Even if you have no plans to physically go anywhere, VR is a fantastic new video-based medium for armchair wanderlust. It takes the Google Street View approach of dragging your mouse around 360-degree photos, and transforming it into an immersive experience where you’re transported into those environments. You can travel to places you may never be able to go (or want to), such as destinations that are off-limits to tourists or just plain dangerous. And when you add narration from a tour guide to those videos, the experience becomes that much greater. Read More.

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